Welcome to Collaborative Group Dynamics

CGD works with individuals and groups of 2 to 200+ who want to thrive.

If you are struggling as a leader and concerned about your effectiveness – or – if your team is in pain and spending too much time on the trivia, let me know. I guide people through developing skills in effective communication, leadership, and working strategies toward creating a stronger sense of team cohesiveness. I work in virtual and live settings.


With over 30 years of experience, I have worked as an executive and leadership coach with seasoned and emerging leaders in non-profits;  large and small private companies; federal, state and local governments; the healthcare industry; and education. I am expert in developing an inclusive, high feedback team culture. All 30+ training workshops are uniquely designed to increase effectiveness toward the organization’s bottom-line profitability for the highest possible ROI.


Every person is inherently good, intelligent, creative, and wanting to contribute to the highest benefit for all.

All people have the right, desire, and ability to thrive.

Honoring all diversity while including all voices is critical for supporting a trusted environment.

An individual’s life experiences create the “lenses and tools” in which they see, think, feel, and interact with their environment –  as a positive or a detriment – or both at the same time.

People best learn when they are ready and in a supportive experiential environment where they can live into the change in thinking, feeling, and behavior.

Every person in the group brings a unique and diverse perspective to the challenge the group is facing. Honoring all diversity is critical to create a holistic and trusting environment.

Positive intention is always the foundation.