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The 8-Step Process

Step #1 – Assess the readiness and needs of individuals and team

Assessment examples:
Individual interviews – by phone, zoom, email, and/or in person
Interview with the person requesting the facilitation
Group meeting with all members to talk about what is working and what are the issues
6 Basic Assessment Points of Reference:
What is working for the team – as a whole?
Who talks with whom the most, the least?
Who feels most connected and/or disconnected to whom?
What are the issues and the underlying values, beliefs, emotions?
How does the overarching organizational culture influence the team?
How would a successful group work/communicate together?

Step #2 – Co-create the change/transformation process plan

Step #3 – Develop flexible goals and objectives to measure progress

Step #4 – Determine benchmarks

The guidance towards the group’s/individual’s success

Step #5 – Facilitate, mediate, coach through the process

Step #6 – Create dynamic evaluative method

Regular feedback sessions allowing the ability to change the process as the individual/group matures and learns.

Step #7 – Determine finish point

Evaluate the change compared to beginning

Step #8 – Develop a follow-up plan of action

Supports and sustain the change over time