What Makes Me the Person to Hire?

Combining theory with my personal employment experiences gives me the foundation to clearly assess the reality of the situation.

I encourage and support a very dynamic and flexible learning environment for change to become a set of sustainable new behavior patterns.

I love to create “real life” examples and encourage others to bring their examples into the discussions.

Pragmatically this means...

A Ph.D. in Education and Human Services from Colorado State University – specializing in counseling and group process

15+ years as a mid-level manager in local government, business, and education

3+ years as a non-profit executive director

30+ years as a trainer and educator for small to large companies and at high school and post-secondary levels

30+ years as a group facilitator in team building, conflict resolution, leadership training

25+ content areas in which I can train and facilitate learning

What Can I Offer Where Others Have Not Succeeded?

Hire Megara KastnerI take considerable time, up front, working with you to create the most appropriate systematic approach to your needs

Together, we develop a thorough and comprehensive follow up program to sustain the changes.
I do this by…

  1. Asking probing questions to discover the presenting issue’s root cause.
  2. Building the approach with you and your team fully engaged in the process.
  3. Starting with the end – what is wanted for the final result – then planning backwards.
  4. Making sure everyone fully participates.
  5. Building in the follow-up process on regular intervals for 6 to 12 months.

I work to help everyone understand how their individual contributions impact and influence the entire group.

How Do I Produce Outcomes with You?

I co-construct what you consider the most important and immediate interventions to reach the sustainable end result.

There are no predetermined outcomes or “canned programs.”  Everything is tailored to you and your team.

How this happens...

I give you full authority to determine the course of action as we collaborate toward the solution,

I am a keen observer and external thinker so all ideas are welcomed and discussed

I closely watch the individuals and group, as a whole, from multiple practical and theoretical perspectives

My innate ability to know when and how to intervene gives the group and individuals an inclusive, safe, and trusting environment to be fully themselves.

Flexing the process at any point to better meet the changing needs.


What General Outcomes can You Expect When Working with Me?

  1. Fully embracing each person’s unique contribution to the team.
  2. Giving each person the opportunity to explore their personal strengths then leverage those strengths toward managing the challenges.
  3. Creating “practical tools” for better communication.
  4. Developing helpful hints to sustain the change.
  5. Facilitating the understanding of how the overarching system(s) influences how people work together.
  6. Generating the group’s enthusiasm and excitement about the possibility of change.
  7. Encouraging a sense of hopefulness for sustainable change.