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Mediation/Conflict Resolution

Conflict as Most People View It…

— Is something to avoid.
— It’s scary and I don’t do conflict well.
— If I just wait a bit, it will go away or I’ll get over it (they will get over it).
— “I am separate from you” and here is why we are different.

At Collaborative Group Dynamics, I take a different perspective on conflict…

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship.
When willing to view conflict as an opportunity, it allows individuals to learn more about each other and open up to new information that can deepen the relationship.
People can be in conflict and remain in connection.
Conflict is about giving the other person feedback or data by explaining how their behavior impacts you – it’s just data.


I view conflict as a natural part of group development. Conflict is a key component of the group process and it is required to bring the group to a deeper understanding of each other.
I work with groups of 2 to 15 where together we bring the conflict into the open for all to recognize their contribution to the conflict and what each person needs to resolve the issue(s)

I coach and facilitate the group toward a level of trust so all feel ready to open up to the conflict and work through it together.

All perspectives are welcome and included in the process.

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Conflict Resolution Services include:

You can explore conflict from a theoretical point-of-view, when it brewing, or in full-blown chaos.

  1. Presentation – an overview and basic skills description to help individuals better understand conflict and possible ways to reach resolution
  2. Training – a more in-depth teaching and practice of specific conflict resolution skills so they can resolve the conflict on their own
  3. Mediation – an invention to help the conflicting parties or group work through the issue(s) to resolution
  4. Coaching – continuous support over a certain period of time to create a sustainable change
  5. My unique approach to conflict resolution is working with the entire group, together, as I facilitate talking through the issues, the unspoken pieces, and working toward everyone “owning their part” of the situation