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There are always opportunities for honing one’s skills.

Training helps:

Develops new skills that everyone can share and practice

Create new vibrancy in a group or individual
Keeps a person and group motivated
Acts as a lever for expanded responsibilities
Gives the person a sense of value added to the work, group, or agency

Training Offers...

Trainings are virtual and live – you can decide

Unique trainings for each group
There are no “canned” trainings

Significant consultation with the group to tailor each training includes answering:

  1. Why are you considering this training or presentation?
  2. Are there specific needs or issues that need skill development?
  3. How are you planning to introduce the training?
  4. Will the training be virtual or live?
  5. Who will be in the audience and what is each of their needs – or if the group is very large – the basic need?
  6. What is the diversity of the group?
  7. Is this a mandatory or voluntary training opportunity?
  8. How do you plan to follow up after the training?
Collaborative Group Dynamics Presentation

Trainings include:

Presentations – 1 to 3 hours:

Conflict Resolution – What are the Basics
Working with Difficult People – Easily
Non-Adversarial Communication – Tools for Positive Communication
Teambuilding – An Experiential Experience
Leadership Flexibility – Based on the person and situation
Communication Styles – Diversity Can be An Asset
Facilitating Effective Groups Without Doing Their Work
Group Dynamics and Development – What Makes the Group Tick

Virtual and In-Person Classes/Trainings – Half-Day to 3 days

Unconscious Bias
Respect and Inclusivity in the Workplace
Leading a Blended Workforce
Employee Motivation and Engagement
Leadership – How to Find Your Style
Leadership – How to Lead Your Unique Staff
Emotional Intelligence
Moving into Supervision – Your First 3 Months
Strategic Mastery
Managing Team Meetings Effectively
Organizational Stewardship
Managing Up with Your Supervisor
Conflict Resolution – Team Strategies and Self-Management
Communicating in Difficult Situations
Successful Presentations – Having an Impact
Assertiveness – How to Develop Your Influence
Group Facilitation – The Successful Basics
Group Dynamics and Process – Theory and Practice
Cohort 6 to-9 month Leadership Academies