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As Your Group Facilitator, I…

Guide the group toward the completion of the goals and tasksCollaborative Group Dynamics Facilitator

Summarize and keep the group on task

Track each person to create an interconnected process

Slow down the “talkers”

Draw out the quiet ones

Allow plenty of space for diverse perspectives

Work through the conflicts that may arise

Three Key Benefits to Your Group with CGD Facilitation:

  1. A sense of group interconnection while working toward the goal.
  2. Allowing all voices to be heard and understood.
  3. Openness in the group process for diversity in thought, action, work style, and values.

Facilitation Clients:


Two different municipal government departments are “at odds” and they need to work together for a large community project.

Federal government team needs to better learn how to work together as a team when a couple of people are in conflict and the conflict is affecting the entire group.

A small town government department is struggling with front-line workers feeling victimized by a new supervisor who is micro-managing.



A large and well-establish nonprofit is trying to accommodate a blended workforce and how to manage the COVID vaccination decisions by individual employees.

A small non-profit team is struggling with “side comments” and a general mistrust of each other.

A small non-profit has secured funding to exponentially grow into a large community-based organization. They are needing a strategic plan.

A new Executive Director has just taken the role to transition the agency to a more accountable team.

A Board of Directors is attempting to support their Executive Director who is struggling with the staff and relationships with the Board members.



A start-up is ready to “go big” and needs the entire company to step up and embrace the leap. Facilitating focus groups, inter-team collaboration, and visioning is key to their successful transition.

A business is trying to adapt to all the effects of COVID on their bottom line – they are struggling. They need to revisit their vision, mission, and operating principles.


I have taught group facilitation at the university level and supervised master’s level students in group facilitation and counseling. I’ve also taught group facilitation to 100’s of leaders in small to large national-based companies.

Group facilitation is where I thrive. I love taking a group “in pain” and assist them in finding their common core of trust, open communication, and inclusivity for all voices to contribute to the team’s greater good and for the organization’s profitable bottom line.